Forca Goa Foundation hosts Mental Health Awareness Workshop

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We hosted a mental health awareness workshop on Monday, 15th October. The workshop was needed after the last workshop we conducted on CSA back in August. We realized after understanding and learning about Child Sexual Assault, that a mental health awareness program was required in case any of the participants got triggered. We spoke to Sangath, one of the largest NGO’s in Goa which provides professional health care services for developmental disabilities and mental health problems, and they agreed to conduct a workshop for our employees as it also coincided with World Mental Health Day.


We hosted the workshop in order to raise awareness about mental well-being and improve mental health at the workplace. The intent was to facilitate conversations with participants about mental health and wellbeing and to provide information on practical ways to take care of their mental health and address any challenges that arise. We opened up the workshop to employees from Skarma and FC Goa as well.


Across the world, employers are facing higher absenteeism due to employee illness, the poor performance of individuals and teams, and high employee turnover. A cause common to these challenges is the increasing work-related stress being faced by employees. One out of every four Indian’s face mental health challenges and most people find it hard to talk or take positive action to deal with it. The first step in addressing the growing mental health needs of Indian workers is to identify and support those employees who are facing such challenges.

Through videos and group discussions, the workshop took the participants through different truths and misconceptions about mental well being. In India and in Goa, there’s a lot of stigmas attached to mental health problems and often people suffering from depression or anxiety don’t talk about it for fear of being ostracized. The workshop spoke about how mental health is just as important as physical health and people need to seek help if they’re unwell.


Mental health problems don’t just affect adults; children as young as six years old can suffer from stress, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Considering the fact that we work with over 5000 children, we believe that our coaches are not just coaches but role models and leaders of our communities. In this regard, we aim to keep building the capacity of the coaches so that they have the knowledge and confidence to guide the children into becoming our future leaders.


The workshop ended with Sangath discussing ways we can offer assistance to people suffering from mental health issues and how individuals can take small but effective steps to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.

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