Behind the Game: Shane Temudo

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When did you first fall in love with the game?

Since the age of 4 where I started to like the sport, gradually as I played the game I started to love the game & my love for the game kept growing  & wanted to pursue my career into football

Why did you decide to become a coach?

I decided to become a coach when I came to know that I cannot reach the level of a football player that I was aiming for. It was tough to accept, but decisions in life aren’t easy. I then decided if I can’t grow as a footballer, I’ll try to help football grow and if I can contribute as a coach and take football to another level why not?  Hence from here on, I want to keep growing & learn each day

What is your favorite thing about being a coach?

My favorite thing being a coach is that I meet different individuals from different backgrounds, lifestyles, mindsets & it’s a challenge to accomplish our philosophy of football & grow as one family doing things on & off the field which is very important.

What would you want to do if you weren’t a coach?

In case I wasn’t a coach I would have still contributed towards football because it’s much more than my passion. in any capacity, I want to see the game grow and individuals keep developing at the highest level.

Who are two coaches who have influenced you?

I have no specific coach but, all coaches are to be looked up to and you can learn something from any coach and that’s what influences me a lot about coaching. We as individuals have our own personalities & must respect every one which is important. If had to choose one of the coaches would say, Bibiano Fernandes, who’s done wonders with the U16 national team.

What is your preferred style of play/ player formation?

I am a coach that would like to set up a team depending on the opponents we face.  The philosophy is always keeping ball possession, pressurizing, high intensity when needed & always play attacking the football.

Who is your favorite player?

As said earlier I look up to all players and respect their personalities on & off the pitch and it’s very important to maintain good discipline with good football but if I had to choose one would say, John Terry, (former Chelsea FC player) a true leader, a living legend and a complete player.

Which is the best football match you have ever watched?

There are many to pen down but one of the most exciting and thrilling games was Chelsea winning the champions league in 2012.

If you had a chance to coach the Indian National Team or a foreign club, what would you choose?

I would choose the national team and work towards achieving success.


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