10 Reasons why you should cheer for the FC Goa Women’s Team in the Vedanta Women’s League

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Football season has now started a whole month earlier for all of us Gaurs. The Club recently announced the launch of its first ever women’s team that will take part in the Vedanta Women’s league later this month. This is huge news for everyone who is passionate about the sport in Goa. Fielding a girls team opens up the pitch to a whole generation of girls who can dream of playing for FC Goa. The League starts on the 16th of August and here are ten reasons why you should come and cheer for these players on.

10) FC Goa is only the second ISL club after Pune City FC to field an all-girls team. You are literally watching history unfold.


9) This is the first time FC Goa is participating in a women’s league and we’re all super excited!


8) Our ‘keeper Crisma Javaji is just 15 years old! Do you remember what you were doing at that age?


7) If the team wins the Vedanta League, they automatically qualify for the Indian Women’s League where they will take on the best teams in the country!


6) These players are taking time out of their jobs, school, and college so that they can get on the pitch and do what they love.

5) Success with this team will inspire a whole new generation of female players.


4) Two first-team players Velanie and Vailan, are India Internationals.


3) Women’s sport in Goa and India is still undervalued and underappreciated, your support will go a long way in changing that


2) The Indian National Women’s team is ranked higher than the men’s team. If you want to see India play in a football World Cup, these players are a better bet to make it there.


1) These players are tackling gender stereotypes and patriarchy every single day, all while playing some kick-ass football!

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