Why we care about Nutrition?

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Good nutrition is fundamental for optimal health and growth. Through its positive effect on health, physical and cognitive development it is also vital for academic performance, sports performance and day to day productivity. Kids especially are always on the go. With all the energy they output their bodies are burning large amounts of calories. To keep up with their activities, they need to have a well-balanced nutrition plan based on the demands put on their body.

The Forca Goa Foundation runs 16 football training centers across Goa. Through these centers, we work with over 1000 budding footballers. These young athletes train long hours and in order to optimize their training, proper nutrition needs to be a regular component of their daily food intake. Keeping this in mind, we created a year-round nutrition programme.  After every training session, children are given a healthy post-training snack. The snack includes a fruit, milk and brown bread with jam, peanut butter or eggs. The choices of post-training snacks have been selected keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of young athletes. Our snacks have a mix of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are crucial for muscle development, rehydration, and reducing cramps.

To add to our programme, we partnered with QUA nutrition, who conducted nutrition workshops for parents and children to explain the various nutrients different foods give us and their uses.  Proper nutrition and awareness at the grassroots level are one of the key factors leading to better performance of athletes at the highest level. Good nutrition is specifically important in the context of India as our athletes struggle to compete with the rest of the world because of poor nutrition at a young age which obstructs development. We hope that through these programmes we manage to make people more conscious of what they eat and feed their children.  

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