Wrapping Up the Junior Gaurs League

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The Forca Goa Foundation launched its annual statewide league, “The Junior Gaurs League”  on the 1st February 2018. In its second season, the league included a new age category and included girls in the tournament as well. The league had 64 schools from across Goa take part which meant we engaged with over 2500 boys and girls from across the state.

The Junior Gaurs League kicked off at 9:00 am at Fr.Agnel Central School on the 1st of February 2018. The 45 days that followed were completely action packed. There were 16 groups with 4 teams in each group. Each team had the chance to play each other twice. The top teams from each group battled it out in the semis. The purpose of the league is to create opportunities for aspiring footballers to develop their skills and complete in a professional manner.

The league had a total of 1320 games played. We chose the league style as it gives the children a fair chance to display their skills and more playing opportunity.  Sport is a natural outlet for children to release on that energy they have built in. Tantrums and occasional irritability are all part of being a child, but children involved in sports, especially competition show more focus and positive behavior.

Participating in sporting activities also helps parents engage with their children and the league witnessed a fair amount of parents present at the games. The parents and PE teachers were impressed by the standard of the league and were all praise for the Forca Goa Foundation. It was reassuring to see that some of the parents were supportive of football being a viable career choice and were willing to offer their children support for the same.

We spoke to some of the children who participated in the league and were overwhelmed by their responses! Many of these children see a career in football whilst the others understand the importance of sports to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. The finals of the league were held on the 3rd of March at the Nagoa Panchayat Grounds in Verna. Each team showed great skill, passion and displayed the qualities of true sportsmanship. The winners of the Girls U12 category was Sharada Mandir School. Amongst the boys, Green Meadows School won the U8 category whilst Marina High School and Mount Mary School, Chinchinim were the champions of U10 and U12 respectively. The top 3 teams in each age category were handed out medals and trophies.

With every year the Junior Gaur League gets bigger and better. In the following year, we are going to have more schools participate and hope to see more girls sign up to play.


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