Behind the Game: Rohan Kambale

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The announcement of a new coach is always good tidings. It means that our program is expanding and more kids are getting the chance to train under professional guidance. This in the long term, means a larger pool of talent to scout from and more opportunities for children to pursue their passion.

We recently welcomed on board Rohan Kambale, a semi-pro footballer and now coach, to our program. Rohan will join the team at Santa Cruz High School and Father Agnel Central, Pilar. We have a chat with Rohan to get to know him a little better and try and get a glimpse into his coaching style.


FGF: Why did you decide to become a coach?

RK: I absolutely love football. I’ve been playing football for a while semi-professionally and realized that this is my passion and I wanted to make a career in football.


FGF: What are your other interests?

RK: Football and only football


FGF: Two coaches who have influenced you?

RK: I love the expansive and attacking football played by Pep Guardiola’s teams. Closer to home, I used to love watching Armando Colaco’s Dempo side and I like the way he builds his teams.


FGF: What is your preferred style of play / favorite formation?

RK: I like the 4-3-3, as I think it’s a balanced and attacking formation.


FGF: Who is your favorite actor?

RK: I enjoy watching Akshay Kumar’s movies.


FGF: If you had a chance to coach the Indian National Team or a foreign club, what would you choose?

RK: Coaching your country is the biggest honor for a coach so it would definitely be the Indian National Team.

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