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If you’ve been following Goan sports news intently, you’ve definitely read about FC Goa’s development squad and their performances at State and National level tournaments. They are currently participating in the Goa Pro League, matches of which are being played at Duler Stadium and Tilak Maidan.


FC Goa’s main purpose behind the development squad is to encourage talented players and give coaches the experience of being involved with a professional team whilst providing them with all necessary facilities. The idea of creating a development team first came about in February this year after FC Goa’s President, Akshay Tandon made a trip to Europe to learn and discover best practices from some exemplary clubs in Europe. The B teams in Europe play in second division leagues and although they are not as popular as their respective teams, they are keenly watched by fans and scouts for the talent that they nurture.



The FC Goa B team is coached by Derrick Pereira  and Clifford Miranda, both of whom have played for and trained under the Tata Football Academy. The team was built over a period of a month after intense and extensive scouting. The development team features 31 young players, most of whom are Goan and are looking for a chance to train and gain experience in a professional setting and eventually make a first team breakthrough.


The club has taken up a ground on lease for the team and has made the effort to set up a residential facility for the squad. The FC Goa development team is judged on individual performances rather than results as the club looks to nurture future stars, however the coaches encourage the development of a winning mentality.

Youngsters who have done well in the development team have been given a chance to test themselves in the first team. This year Liston Colaco, Kingslee Fernandes, Princeton Rebello and Savior Gama from the development team were promoted and have broken through to the first team. The opportunity to play in the first team gives these players the confidence and push that is required to be a star player. With football taking flight due to the Indian Super League, more young players are expected to come through the ranks and we are proud to be part of this journey.  


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