Behind The Game: Catching up with Shawn Cardozo!

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As we continue to grow to realize our dream of giving every child in Goa the opportunity to play and enjoy football, we bring more professional coaches into our program. We do this because we believe that while every child should have the opportunity to play, they also deserve the chance to train under the watchful eyes of licensed coaches so that can develop into quality players.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve brought in four young new coaches into our fold and Shawn Cardozo is the latest to join our grassroots program. We go Behind The Game with this talented young coach to know more about him and get his predictions for FC Goa this season!


FG: What are your other interests besides football?

SC – Whenever I have the time, I like listening to music & playing Fifa on the console.


FG: What do you like most about coaching?

SC – For me, it’s all about getting onto the pitch and being with the kids. The time spent with them is amazing and it feels special that I have the opportunity to teach them something new about football every single day.  

FG: What does it feel like to be part of the club’s coaching family?

SC – It’s a great opportunity for me and I feel very lucky. Honestly, it’s like a dream come true.


FG: What are your predictions for FC Goa for this season?

SC – Based on the pre-season matches I feel this squad is really good and this season will end well. I think this can be a title-winning team.


FG: Your favorite football moment, either as a player or as a coach?

SC – My favorite football moment was when I scored my first ever goal for Salgaocars. Nothing comes close to that feeling!

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  • Lisha fernandes

    Shawn cardozo ur the best person . Not only your good at football but also your a very good person with a good heart.. congrats… our support is always with you…
    Lish fernandes

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