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Over the years we’ve seen our grassroots program grow bigger and encompass 16 centres all over the state. Within these centres too we see more and more kids signing up as they find happiness with a ball at their feet.

To ensure that all the kids get the attention they need to develop, we continuously need enthusiastic coaches who are passionate about the game and have a desire to encourage and develop kids to be the best that they can.

We recently welcomed two new coaches, Caliston Vaz and Somshekhar Kumbar to our growing coaching fraternity and sat down with them to know more about what gets them excited about coaching.

FG: What do you like about coaching?
CV: I’ve always wanted to work with kids and I thought by coaching a junior team, it would be the best path to take. Coaching allows me the opportunity to teach and also to learn. I’m really happy to be here.

FG: One rule you would like to change in football?
CV: I think if Fifa allowed more substitutes during a match it would make a game a lot more exciting. I think t least 5 to 6 substitutes per game should be allowed. The quality of the match would improve too as there would be fresher players coming on in the second half.

FG: Which coach would you like to work with?
CV: A coach who has influenced me a lot is Pascoal Pereira, who now coaches Sao Miguel. The way he articulates his ideas and puts them across to his players is fantastic. I would love to learn more from him.

FG: What are your other hobbies?
CV: I like painting and reading when I have some time to myself.

FG: Which is your favorite magazine?
CV: I’ve been subscribing to the Readers Digest for a while now, so I guess I’ll put that as my favorite.

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