Behind The Game: Conversation with Nayan Virnodkar

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FC Goa’s grassroots program involves 16 dedicated centres across the state. Children at these centres have regular training sessions in a bid to create a pool of talented youngsters.

The club has hired young and ambitious coaches to pass on their passion and experience to the children so they get the opportunities to develop.

We speak to Nayan Virnodkar, one of our newer recruits to find out more about his love for coaching and his coaching role models.

FG: What made you want to become a coach?

NV: I have always loved football and have a lot of enthusiasm for the game, especially in Goa. However, I feel that now the level of football in our state has waned and I wanted to do my bit to make it better.

FG: What is your dream coaching job?

NV: I am a huge fan of FC Goa and I dream of being in the dugout, coaching the senior team.


FG: What are the goals you have for your centre?

NV: I have a very clear vision with what I want to achieve. I train my players to be focussed, to show skill on the ball and I want them to represent the country some day.

FG: Which coach would you like to work with?

NV: Derrick Pereira has been my idol with what he has achieved in Indian football and I would love to work with him someday.

FG: What do you enjoy the most about working with the grassroots program?

NV:  I love the expression on the kids faces when they first learn to control the ball with their first touch. I know that feeling of having control over the ball so when I can teach that to the kids and see their passion and enthusiasm to learn more, it motivates me as a coach.

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