A Coaching Overview: Training Day with Derrick

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On 30th August, all our grassroots coaches came together for a coaching overview at Assolna Football Ground. The session was over seen by Derrick Pereira, our Head of Youth Development and Orlando Viegas, the Grassroots Development Director.


The purpose of the the coaching overview was for the coaches to share knowledge and get feedback on their coaching methods by Derrick and Orlando. The session which started at 8 am, saw each coach host a training session for half an hour. The coaches had to prepare for the session before hand and had to organise the training surface and conduct the drills.

Each coach brought their unique skill set to the pitch and the kids underwent training drills on passing, dribbling, goalkeeping and positional play. The coaches were judged on their ability to conduct the session, their communication skills, the quality of their session and how much the children enjoyed participating in the drill.


At the end of each session, all the coaches had one on one meetings with Derrick and Orlando and were given individual feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.


Derrick also had a general meeting with all the coaches and stressed on the below points:

  • All grassroots coaches need to be professional and come to the sessions on time and be well prepared.
  • Warm up drills should be activities with the ball so that the kids get comfortable with the ball at their feet.
  • At this age level, all the kids should be encouraged to have fun while training and the drills should not be monotonous.
  • Goals or a well executed pass or dribble should be encouraged by the coaches and celebrated.
  • Coaches should be passionate about their job so it trickles down to the children.
  • This is the age where kids can pick up and learn the most, so coaches should spend time on individuals to correct their technique.
  • Take regular feedback on the training sessions
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