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“Pay attention to your feet, concentrate,” Premson insists to the young boys gathered around him at the Velim Panchayat Grounds. Premson conducts sessions for the children at St. Rock’s High School, and St. Xavier’s High School, Velim.

A former footballer himself, Premson won trophies at DSK Pune, Vasco SC and Sporting Clube De Goa before injuries cut his playing career short. That hasn’t hampered his enthusiasm for the game one bit as he uses that experience to turn his wards into Goa’s next batch of professional footballers.


We chat with FC Goa’s newest grassroots coach as we get to know more about his thoughts on the beautiful game.

How does it feel to be part of the FC Goa family ?

It was a proud moment for me when I got the offer letter to join the club as a coach. It’s been a dream to be a part of this team and it feels great to have come true.

What made you decide to be a coach at such a young age ?

I was a professional football player for and I had played for quite a few clubs. Unfortunately just before I could hit my peak as a player, I suffered an injury which kept me from playing for two years. Even though I couldn’t play, I still wanted to be involved with the game and with encouragement from my friends, I took up coaching and got my badges. It helped get over the disappointment of my injury and I also enjoy helping kids develop their game.

Who are the people who inspire you?

There are lot of people who have helped me and have inspired me. My coaches like Sir Severino, Sir Benjamin, Sir Bibiano and all the others who helped me with coaching. My friends and family who have always stood by me and supported me throughout.

What is one quality you wish to instill in kids through your coaching?

I feel that we have really good football players in Goa who have skill and technical ability but don’t progress because of poor decision making on the pitch. That’s one aspect that I want my kids to learn at a young age. I want them to know when is the right time to make a pass, to dribble or to shoot.

3 players you would love to coach someday ?

Romeo, Mandar, and Kattimani. They are the stars of Goa now and they were all my team mates at some point so I would love the opportunity to coach them.

Which clubs style of play do you like the most?

I like Real Madrid and Manchester United’s game as they always want to attack. They always come to take the game to the opposition and look to score goals.


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