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The monsoons provide much needed respite from the threatening summer heat for you and me, but for our furry four- pawed friends the first cloud burst signals the beginning of their hardest season.

From being chased further and further from any semblance of shelter to being forced to survive off leftovers, scraps and the dirtiest dregs from the beach side shacks only to be left on the beach- starving, hungry and confused as one sudden day these very establishments shut shop for the off season. To add to their misery, the continuous thunder frightens dogs in a way unimaginable to us.

For stray dogs, everyday is a challenge for survival. Besides having to scour the street for the dirtiest of basic food, they are prone to attacks by maggots, abuse by humans and have to constantly be aware of fast moving vehicles along highways and roads. Unlike us humans they have no way to express themselves or ask for help.

The good news is that Goa has a handful of animal welfare organizations that work towards improving the quality of life of these dogs.

If you see an injured or starving dog, call the nearest shelter or animal rescue centre in your area (contact details mentioned below!). Ensure that you follow up after reporting the case and try- in your own way – to create awareness amongst your social circles.

Human beings are the most creative species – who have not only innovated beyond imagination but also used everything at their disposal to an optimum. However, does this gift go hand-in-hand with the condescending right to ignore or even worse, abuse other living beings? Or does it bring with it a moral duty to stand by the basic rights of those that are destined to walk this earth alongside us?

Picture Credits – H.O.M.E

It is time to rid ourselves of our passivity and be responsible members of society. This isn’t an essay to inspire pathos towards the less fortunate species, but a plea to take steps towards the readily achievable.

In that spirit, the following are a few pointers about stray dogs to take note of:

  • Most street dogs struggle to get food. You can help in cost effective ways, pack up left overs from your lunch / dinner outings too feed your neighborhood strays. If you do not have the time and resources to prepare or buy dog food, Marie biscuits in small quantities are an acceptable doggy treat option. Fruits and sweets however are highly fatal.
  • Maggot wounds are very common amongst stray dogs and can aggravate if not treated on time, if you see a dog with a deep wound, contact your nearest welfare centre to treat him.
  • Be alert while driving; particularly on roads with a considerable stray dog/cow population.
  • Do not drive away dogs from seeking shelter under your buildings and garages this season. If possible build them temporary shelters in open areas.
  • Dogs are territorial beings; they usually roam in packs in defined areas. This may be intimidating but if left alone they are not a threat.
  • Identify dogs that need to be sterilized and contact an animal welfare organization to carry out the procedure; this is a huge competence to limit the booming stray dog population.
  • If a dog has a small slit/tag on one of their ears, it means they have been sterilized and/or vaccinated.

Picture Credits – flickr


H.O.M.E (Haven Of Miracles Enclave) – Porvorim

Ruth Walsh  +91 7722071000

WAG Welfare for animals in Goa

Atul Sarin +91 9823541603

World Wide Veterinary Service – Assagao ( Previously knows as International Animal Rescue)

+ 91 (832) 226 8328

Panjim Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) – Panaji

+ 91 (832) 222 5850/094 2206 2688

World Wildlife Fund – Panaji

(0832) 226020 / 2241247

People For Animals – Goa, Mapusa

+ 91 (832) 226 3305


Goa Animal Welfare Trust – Margao

  • 91 (832) 704 607

Animal Rescue Centre – Canacona

+91 (832) 264 4171 / +91 966 56 36 264

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