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In conversation with Xavier Estrocio one of our top grassroots coaches who’s dedicated towards total footballers who score and defend as one unit.

Q: What is the main objective of this grassroots program?

A: The main objective of the grassroots campaign is to give India footballers that can compete at the highest level of competition. Apart from creating good players, we want to create disciplined players who not only love the game, but also respect the values. We’re training the kids with newer footballing techniques that focus on keeping the ball at their feet at all times.

Q: What qualities are you trying to build amongst these kids?

A: The most important quality we try to imbibe in every young player is discipline, he/she needs to respect the coach, teammates and the game as a whole. Teamwork is also an important aspect of the training program, we win as a team or lose as a team.

Q: Which coach do you look up to?

A: Armando Colaco is one of my biggest coaching inspirations, he in my opinion is one of the most successful managers in the I-League club with Dempo Sports Club. He is also the first I-League manager to guide an Indian team into the semi-finals (2008) of the AFC Cup. As far as international managers go, I look up to ‘The Special One’ – Jose Mourinho.

Coach Xavier Estrocio with this family.

Q: How do you measure success as a coach?

A: I try to determine what the ambitions of each of my players are and train them hard to work towards their individual aspirations. I try to maximise the abilities of every player so that they can achieve the goals that they set for themselves. When they do- their success would be my success.

My main focus will always be to inspire my players to live up to their potential, and i intend to achieve this by any means necessary.

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