A Cut Above The Rest – The AFC A Licence

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Understanding the benchmarks of eligibility for an AFC A licence in football coaching.

Welcome to the upper crest of football coaching. If you dream of managing a club in the top tier of Indian football, the AFC A certification is your ticket to just that. The AFC A licence certification trains semi-pro coaches by covering crucial aspects of football that include fitness development, video analysis, media management, administration of a professional football club, and other related technical matters.

Only coaches who hold both ‘C’ and ‘B’ Coaching Certificates are eligible to apply for the AFC A licence certification. The selection of participating entrants is largely based on referrals of AFC A-certified Instructors to ensure that only the most skilled coaches make it to the top leagues.

The duration of the course is 27 days, with a minimum of 148 hours to be clocked in. The course is designed to educate coaches in tactical and advanced technical requirements of teams and team management. Training sessions that cover physiological and psychological needs of the players are part of the module, as these are crucial to enhance the coaches’ understanding of the game at this level. Students are examined on the practical and theoretical aspects of the game, and are required to submit and present a dissertation at the end of the campaign.

Participation criteria for the AFC ‘A’ Coaching Certificate Course:

1. AFC ‘B’ Coaching Certificate
2. Coaching experience (minimum 1 year)
3. Log book (minimum 80 Coaching hours)
4. Valid Licensing  

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