AFC B-Licence: Go Pro

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Take your knowledge of the game to the next level and go pro with the AFC B licence program.

The AFC B Licence program is a professional course for coaches designed to educate them in the advanced techniques and skills of the game. It also helps them develop a better understanding of individual or team play, tactics, and the psychological requirements of the game. The specialty course is conducted under the supervision of AFC accredited instructors, including coaches from the top tier in Indian domestic football.

The duration of the course is approximately 20 days, containing more than 107 hours of theoretical and practical contents. The examination focuses on the coaches’ practical coaching abilities, knowledge and understanding of the theoretical contents of the game, in addition to a brief presentation of a dissertation topic in front of the class.


AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate
Coaching experience (minimum 2 years)
Must be currently working with or attached to a team
To produce a log book of 60 credit hours

Delivery of the course

6-day week
Full-time. Sessions conducted daytime from 8am-5pm
Delivered by AFC Accredited Instructors

Forca Goa will be running AFC-C License programs soon. If you’re interested, write to us at, or find out more here.

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